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Welcome to Gartner's Resource Allocation Benchmarking Survey. Gartners' 2018 benchmarking report will provide a comprehensive analysis of budget and staff allocation to help you defend your budget, make a business case for higher budget or identify specific areas for reallocation. 

Each member who participates will receive a customized report detailing how your staff and budget allocation levels benchmark to other similarly sized and structured companies.

The survey will function best when using Internet Explorer or Chrome.

The survey breaks down into three primary sections:

I. Company and functional demographic information: this section will ask basic questions about your organization such as name, annual revenues, total employees, industry, and several questions regarding your functional structure.

II. Total budget and headcount information: this section will ask about total Communications budget and headcount, including estimated changes.
** Note - It is necessary to know the split between salary and non-salary budget **

III. Budget allocation: this section will ask you to identify the non-salary budget allocation, vendor cost and staff time for the following activities of the Communications function: 

    o External Communications Activities 
            • Media Relations (including media/press relations, media monitoring) 
            • Public Affairs (community relations, and government relations) 
            • Investor Relations 
            • Financial (including financial communications and annual report creation and publishing)
            • Executive Communications 
            • Marketing and Advertising 
            • Corporate Website 

    o Internal Communications Activities 
            • Employee Communications 
            • Corporate Intranet 
            • Leader/Manager Communications Training 

    o Other Communications Activities 
            • Social Media (external and internal, and social media monitoring) 
            • Corporate Social Responsibility, Charitable Activities and Corporate Sponsorship 
            • Measurement and Monitoring 
            • Communications Staff Development 
            • Graphics & creative services
            • Other Communication Activities (event management, etc. excluding Operational Costs) 

    o Operational Costs

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