Marketing Technology Survey
Survey Introduction and Background

How quickly and broadly are marketing teams adopting different kinds of marketing technology? What impact are they seeing from those technologies?  

CEB and Scott Brinker of are partnering to get after these (and other) burning questions. If you’re reading this, you have kindly agreed to join forces with us—thank you!  Our intent is to gather a collective, practitioner view on these questions, so we can cut through the hype and vendor noise.
What’s In It For You?
As thanks for your participation, we’ll send you a custom report with your answers against industry benchmarks.  We’ll need to get to critical mass on survey participation before we can send you those benchmarks.  That could take 4+ weeks, so a big upfront THANKS for your patience. 
Time Commitment
The survey will take you between 15 and 60 minutes to complete depending on the number of marketing technologies you evaluate. You can save your progress and come back to it, if need be. You can even send your unique survey link to a colleague to complete, if need be.


Making Changes: Use the “back” button at the bottom of each page to return to a previous page and change an answer. If you change an answer, you must click on the "Next" button to record the change. If you use your browser’s Forward button, any changes you make will be lost.

Skipping a Question: If you miss a question, you will be prompted to make a selection. You will not be able to proceed further through the survey unless you answer all questions.

Submitting the Survey: Once you click on the "Submit" button on the final page of the survey, your answers will be recorded and finalized.

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